Intraoral Cameras:

Long are the days when you didn’t understand what work was being done in your own body. Today at Bensonhurst Dental Arts we can capture high quality pictures inside your mouth. This allows the patients to see exactly what is being discussed with the doctor so they can understand their treatment plan better. Everything is transparent during each dental appointment.

Digital X-Rays:

Dental X-rays allow the doctor to see things beyond what the naked eye can see! This allows us to detect health concerns at an earlier stage. Now with digital X-rays, the images are higher quality with 90% less radiation!

Cloud Based Dental Charts:

Paper charts are old, insecure, and effect the environment. With our updated high tech dental charts and secure computers, everything is stored on the cloud. This allows us to quickly connect to your dental insurance company so your benefits are processed in a timely manner while being environmentally conscious.

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